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We have over 25 years experience manufacturing and have been importing finished product from outside the UK for over 15 years. During this time we have gained all the experience required to produce / import excellent quantity product on time at a competitive price. We offer a wide range of decorative wall product including the following items - Framed Mirrors, Art Deco Style Mirrors, Picture Frames, Photo Frames, Multi Aperture Frames, DIY Fill Frames, Framed Art, Unframed Mirrors, Silkscreen Mirror, Acrylic Mirrors, Clip Frames and Wall Mirror Fixing Kits.

Our experienced in production team are dedicated to achieving excellent quality and service for our customers. At each stage of the production process each department will complete a quality check before each item is moved to the next stage of assembly, which ensures that a high level and quality is maintained throughout the production process. Materials are sourced an procured locally then delivered to our 20,000sq/ft warehouse ready for assembly within in our 42,000sq/ft production facility using the latest framing equipment.

We regularly visit our overseas suppliers in order to strengthen our business relationship and work with them to ensure that the product they supply us with is manufactured to the correct specification and high level of quality. In addition to this we have employed a representative in the Far East who's primary objective is to check the quality of our product throughout the production process to eliminate any possibility of a quality issue occurring.

We strive to ensure our products are manufactured using the best quality materials and are produced to the highest quality, and are supplied on time at a competitive price, furthermore we are continuously investing in new product development to ensure our customers have access to the latest designs on the market.